Case Studies

Pfizer Global Research and Development challenged Forza to develop an application to assist with data collection for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of dementia. The solution was a fully executable application written using Microsoft Visual Basic, with integration to Microsoft Access and Excel. The program was developed with touch screen technology, and is functional on a variety of platforms, including Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and is available in multiple languages, including English and French, Spanish, German and Italian. Forza has been contracted for additional projects in this area.

Four projects have been developed for MasterCard International in Westchester County, NY. MasterCard International challenged Forza to develop a solution to sell more merchant terminals or points of interaction on a global level. MasterCard analysts required real time demographic data and business information to assist in market evaluation and future growth.

The Forza Solution encompassed securing data from multiple sources under different source formats and consolidating these into a feature-rich application that is visually attractive. The Forza solution is currently used in several hundred international offices in 30 countries! Other projects developed for MC International encompassed a Point of Interaction application, Holograms, and Security Characters package for fraud control and inventory tracking. POI demonstrated the broad range of benefits for customer use of MasterCard for domestic and international marketing operations. The system was featured at a premier technology product symposium and marketing convention in Miami, FL.

Yale University
The Department of Psychology needed to implement a method for its scientists to monitor and record differing reactions of subjects during the testing of new pharmaceutical products. A Forza software solution was developed to permit observers to recognize and register physical reactions under a uniform coding process for further analysis.

Essex Credit
After successful network integration of 11 national offices, Forza undertook a software development project for Essex Credit Corporation, a subsidiary of Bank of the West. Forza developed a contact management and rate-quoting application, as well as a lien perfection application that tracks Boat and RV loan customers from the initial sales contact, through the quoting and purchase process, to the final documentation and paperwork stages. The solution utilized a variety of technologies, including Microsoft Office 2000, Windows NT Server, SQL Server, Terminal Server and Exchange Server.

VICE Script
V.I.C.E. Script is the leader in motor vehicle theft security. Forza has created multiple extranet solutions as well as maintaining their internal network.

Interactive Marketing Corporation
This on-line insurance application processor required a system to collect data from home boat and automotive insurance applications and deploy the data to independent agents around the U.S. to secure quotes. The solution: Automated Mail Processing Software (AMPS) which downloads information from the Internet for distribution to the appropriate agent and location within a comprehensive queuing protocol.

BlueCross BlueShield
The marketing subsidiary of BCBS required a software package that tracked the sales for a broad array of products and generated a responsive commission payment structure. The program plan required extensive knowledge in the insurance industry and a deep understanding of the extensive documentation required. A myriad of exceptions, payment structures, tiers and conventions were compiled. Existing data was converted from Excel, Oracle, Lotus and MS Word to the new application. The operation that once required three weeks of processing from four applications is now accomplished in less than a second.