Selecting The Right Approach

Forza developers have the skills and experience to select among various development approaches according to the needs of the project.

Agile Development

Sometimes the best approach to a relatively small or self-contained project is to gain an overview of functional requirements and then iteratively build prototypes, each more completely featured than the next, obtaining client feedback at each
step on what remains to achieve the final need.

In consultation with the client Forza developers
will determine if this is the approach that will best serve the project goals.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

For many projects the best approach is to develop a detailed SRS document before development begins.

This begins with understanding the business requirements, technology requirements and constraints, user requirements and budget and timing requirements.

These needs are elicited through individual client interviews or via requirements workshops.

A detailed Software Requirements Specification is then written. It may contain use cases describing in non-technical terms the major ways the software will be used.

Combined Approach

Sometimes a single development approach does not take into account all considerations, and the best alternative is to combine several approaches to best meet the project goals. Forza developers will always consult with the client to determine the best approach