eBusiness Extranet

The Extranet

eBusiness solutions are being provided in the form of extranets. Extranets are transforming enterprise networking. Rather than using proprietary networks to exchange information, companies can now leverage their investments in intranet and Internet technology and use extranets to exchange data and share applications with business partners, suppliers, employees, and customers.

Because extranets allow third-party users into corporate networks, tight security and a high level of control are paramount to the integrity of your extranet. Extranet applications could include any of the following:

  • Project management for collaborating partners
  • Online Training for resellers
  • Sharing database information with varying levels of user access
  • Sharing proprietary ideas with select members of an extranet newsgroup
  • Extending ERP or custom applications over the Internet

Forza has made a substantial investment in the Web-based development arena. We have successfully completed major eBusiness solutions and are positioned to take on more.

You can count on Forza Technology Solutions for all of your Internet needs.