Custom Software Development

Forza’s trained, experienced developers can provide the assistance required when no software exists meeting a specific need, or when existing software needs modification. We can construct, implement and host web-based and non-web-based applications on-time and onbudget, helping businesses perform faster, consolidate resources, save time, and improve their bottom line. See more information on selecting the right approach, overview or eBusiness information.

Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting

Forza developers have deep experience creating or upgrading scalable databases serving as central repositories for mission critical business information.

We have developed databases to manage accounting, resource planning, sales, human resource and other vital information.

As client needs dictate Forza may also create the data input, analysis and reporting portions of the solution or may modify a client’s existing software to work with the new databases.

Web-based Portals & Extranets – Enabling Data Exchange with Authorized External Parties.

Internet technology can be leveraged to tremendous business advantage by enabling secure exchange of data with business partners, suppliers, employees and customers.

Extranets act like a dedicated network between a company and authorized users, while using already available Internet transmission methods. You decide what information to share outside your organization, and the remainder stays completely unknown and unseen by unauthorized parties.

Representative Extranet applications include:

  • Project management for collaborating partners
  • Online training for resellers
  • Sharing database information with varying levels of user access.
  • Enable the forwarding and dissemination of leads between a distributor and resellers
  • Enabling a real-time connected supply chain between you, your suppliers, and possibly your customers.

Browser-based Intranets Allowing Internal Information Sharing and Collaboration

Companies can use an intranet, which is an internal, non-published website, to share information within the organization and facilitate employee collaboration.

Examples of intranet uses are:

  • Internal publication of company calendars schedule of events and important notices
  • Internal time sheet or expense reporting
  • Sharing continuously updated project information to speed project completion

Business Process Re-engineering

Processes that involve many manual steps or processes involving many people can often be streamlined through automation.

Forza developers will examine existing processes in detail and propose a solution that will improve the efficiency and cost structure of the client.

Custom Software Modernization/ Technology Migrations

Existing custom software can lose its ability to serve the business need over time.

In one case this happens when the organization outgrows the capacity of the current software. Growth in organization size or transaction levels may slow older software to unacceptable levels.

An alternate situation occurs when the functionality of original software becomes too limiting or has reached obsolescence.

Forza developers have deep experience analyzing situations where existing custom software limits an organization’s ability to function at peak effectiveness. Following the analysis we are expert at providing solid recommendations for upgrading existing capability.

Database,Existing Application or Website Enhancement

When existing software, databases or website elements require enhancement to meet new needs, Forza developers can examine the existing software to see how its functionality can be expanded.